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Still Going

Academic / 2020

Dana Giordano / Boston Athletic Association

From the Artist

Sickness is changing how the world turns and has created a vail of unprecedented uncertainty that hangs across the minds of the masses. Anxious energy is wound tighter and tighter by headline and prediction, with some based in fact others steeped in stipulation. When fighting through such a tumultuous time, the common strategy for coping revolves around creating structure as a means of adaption. As the days turned to weeks, I’ve found that structure where I always have, in my passion for distance running. It has remained a constant as the scaffolding in which I plan my days, and my therapist for processing them. Out of that structure came the inspiration for this project. I set out to capture a source of stability in a time of instability. To argue that despite the fear of what tomorrow brings, human existence is guarded by certain unshakable aspects.


In this project, I’ve looked to capture aspects of daily life that are just as immovable as the will of a runner. I’ve been inspired by the minute details of time spent with the people that matter most to me, and in those details have found stability and comfort. Just as seasons turn, flowers bud, dogs run, and the sun sets, the runner trains. As aerobic athletes we are constantly in pursuit of our better self, and even in quarantine that sentiment holds true. Despite the uncertain times each day is just another day, and although the path we travel may not be clear right now we are all still traversing it together. We are all still going.


Jacob Thompson / Boston Athletic Association


Louis Serafini / Tracksmith Hare AC


Dana Giordano / Boston Athletic Association

Danny Romano / Northeastern University

Gabi Drummond / Tracksmith Hare AC

Bryan Keller / Northeastern University 

Benjamin Weingart / Unattached
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