Boston based producer + photographer
positioned at the intersection of art + athletics
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If you are so inclined, my daily musings can be found here and I log all of my training here
Selected Client list:
Tinman Elite
Tracksmith Running
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  -for Meter Magazine (Paradigm Shift)

  -for Tracksmith (Being Frank Lara)

  -for Tempo Journal (In the Shadow of Icons)

  -for Tinman Elite (The First Step, Team Retreat)

  -House Money, A letter to My College Team (personal)

  -for Tinman Elite (Joey Berriatua, "How Are You Doing")

  -for Tinman Elite (Drew Hunter, "How Are You Doing")

  -for Reebok (Justyn Knight)

  -for Tinman Elite (Sharing in Community)

  -for Tracksmith (Millrose Games)

  -for Tracksmith (Boston Marathon)

  -for Tempo Journal (Radix Running) 

  -for A Runner's Eye (Lostboys Track Club)

  -for A Runner's Eye (Julian Oakley)

Thank you Luke for the portrait + Georgie for the graphic