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Sounds of Nostalgia

Personal / 2015-2019

There is nothing more special than seeing the people you love, do what they love to do. Ethan (and his signature smile) was my old bandmate, and has been my best friend since childhood. We played a two concert world tour, headlining both of our respective Bar Mitzvahs (circa 2009?).


As we got older, we stayed close despite trading our passions (his for sport, mine for music). We found ourselves immersed in wildly different college experiences, yet closer than ever. We grew in tandem, developing as artists, as people, and as friends.  


campo punctuated my time as a burgeoning creative entity. Listening to their music, and making photographs at their shows provided me the runway for pure unadulterated exploration. Each trip to Saratoga Springs I learned more and more about who I was, and how important it is to have good people in your life that love and support you.


The band played their last show in the summer of 2019 as graduation and the real world’s call pulled the group apart, but their music will always represent a chapter in my life, and in their’s I’m sure.

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